The new VW Amarok has been put straight to the test by pulling
down a 67m high steel chimney weighing in at approximately 140 tonnes and
standing nearly the same height as Westminster Abbey!

Four 200m lengths of rope were rigged to the top of the chimney
and attached to the towbars of four standard Amarok pick-ups, each with
Volkswagen’s latest four-cylinder, 2.0-litre TDI engine producing 163 PS of
power. The signal was given and the Amarok pick-ups simultaneously, and
impressively, pulled the chimney crashing to the ground as part of a planned
site demolition project in Reading, Berkshire.

The VW Amarok takes its name from the Inuit word for ‘wolf’,
which Volkswagen says perfectly represents the vehicle as “a figure of
robustness, endurance and superiority.”

Simon Elliott, Director, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: ‘The new Amarok is
packed with power and intelligence, and we wanted to achieve something
extraordinary to demonstrate this for its launch.  Working with the right
experts and taking a scientific approach, by demolishing a 67 metre steel
chimney we’ve shown the maximum strength and power of the Amarok.’

The Amarok, which is offered in three trim levels as a four-door doublecab, will be officially
launched and in showrooms from 9th May.

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