Do You Know What GAP Insurance (Finance GAP) Is?

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What does dose GAP insurance do? Imagine the situation, you have just taken delivery of your brand new van or car from Crusader Vehicles and someone smashes into it. Then you receive a phone call and it’s from the insurance company. Your brand new pride and joy is a write-off. To make matters worse, the… Read more »

New Mercedes Sprinter – Pics & Overview

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The New Mercedes B enz Sprinter The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a hugely popular commercial vehicle that sells thousands of units around the world. Excitingly, Mercedes recently held the Sprinter Inno Campus innovation event and revealed details of the next-generation van with the version expected to come with high-tech driver assistance and access to precise van… Read more »

Fantasy Premier League ‘The Crusader Champions league’

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‘The Crusader Champions league’: Knowing a lot of our customers are big football fans like us in the office here at Crusader. We have decided it is time that we put your knowledge to the test and inviting you take part in our Fantasy Premier League. Are you ready to become the Champion Crusader and… Read more »

Overloaded Vans Widespread On UK Roads

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Last year the DVSA found that 88.5% of the vans that they weighed were found to be overloaded. This has increased from just over 81% checked vans last year. With fines and penalties and spot checks happening in greater frequency it is becoming more and more and more important to make sure you know and… Read more »

New Speeding Fines Explained

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From the 24th April, new speeding fines have been in place across the UK meaning that you could face a fine of up to 175% of your weekly income if you are caught speeding.  Speeding fines are being broken down into 3 bands A, B, & C. Band A: A Band A fine is generally… Read more »

Are You Euro 6 Compliant?

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What is Euro 6? Euro 6 is a new standard in that has been produced to try to reduce the level of harmful gas being emitted. In many areas, new legislation is being produced to target none Euro 6 Commercial Vehicles. Under Euro 6 different emissions have been set for petrol and diesel engines. With… Read more »

Brand New Volkswagen Crafter

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Deliveries of Volkswagen brand new Crafter will be hitting UK soil in May. The new Crafter marks a change from the previous Crafter models being a 100% Volkswagen product. Meaning that no longer will you be getting Sprinter equipped with a VW powertrain. You will be getting a VW designed van inside and out. The… Read more »