Welcome to our Regional Representative page for Blackburn:

During our 13 years in business, we have supplied vehicles to customers from Penzance to Thurso and everywhere in between and have learnt some valuable lessons along the way. One of the most important is that our customers want to discuss their requirements with people who know what they’re talking about. They’re looking for clear, concise direction on the choices available to them and when they find that person, they start a business relationship which they can rely on. This is why we have created our Regional Representative scheme. The aim of this scheme is to give you a reliable local voice that you can trust to help you into the perfect LCV or car for your needs.

Our Regional Representatives have been carefully selected to live up to everything that you expect a Regional Representative to be. They are knowledgeable, friendly and locally based. We have handpicked our Regional Representatives not only for the knowledge of the motor trade but also of the local market. Our Regional Representative for Blackburn is Bob Hodgson.

Bob brings with him over 25 years of experience of working within the motor industry, where he has managed businesses for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Ford.

“It is clearly evident that contract hire and leasing options are growing exponentially throughout the UK and businesses are realizing the benefits of looking at alternative funding options”

Bob Hodgson – Regional Representative For Blackburn

Email: bob.hodgson@crusadervehicles.co.uk – Phone: 01254 495281