I just like to take the time to write and thank you for Glenn’s help, patience, hard work and professionalism throughout my search for a new vehicle.

I have had many phone calls and email exchanges with Glenn and had many queries over the best foot forward as a business man buying a vehicle. Glenn has always been polite and honest in his approach. He has been worked hard by myself with lots of different avenues taken at my request. I know from experience that sales is a difficult task and even though I didn’t proceed with Crusader vans in the end I will sure recommend your company and Glenn as a professional outfit to be trusted.

Believe me when I look into to something I do my research. It is merely the fact that I am flat rate VAT registered that meant the only way I can benefit in this structure is to buy out right cash sale. Should this matter change in the future when I need to renew. I’ll be in touch and all down to Glenn.

A member of Crusader staff to be proud of.